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  • Megan Brace, MSW Intern

    The Personal:

    What is your favorite restaurant?

    My new favorite restaurant is the Basil Leaf Cafe – they have the BEST gluten free spaghetti and meatballs.

    How do you like to relax and unwind after your workday?

    I love to spend some time alone either stretching or going for a walk. I love finding a great movie to watch and cozying up in some comfies.

    What is your favorite thing about your brain?

    My brain is always going and loves to analyze. I love that my brain is open to all perspectives and helps me feel so deeply for others.

    The Professional:

    Megan is a clinical social work intern who is passionate about working with neurodivergent children, adults and families. She believes the therapeutic relationship is about creating a safe and brave environment to help people understand their past, work to be in the present and seek hope for the future. She strives to help others self-examine in an honest, supportive space centered around kindness and compassion. Megan shows up for clients with a curiosity for their story and loves to help others create balance in their lives. Life has many challenges and Megan seeks to navigate the hard together through a trusting relationship that looks at how the environment impacts individuals. She brings an openness to all perspectives and experiences, and strives to find options to cope with everyday stressors to make life feel more manageable. Megan is currently pursuing her Master’s of Social Work through the online graduate program at the University of Tennessee with a focus on clinical practice and trauma-informed care. In the future, she hopes to provide evidence-based treatments and interventions to help clients with anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic illness, grief, domestic violence, life transition and all things that make life heavier for others to carry. She utilizes DIRFloortime and AutPlay to provide neurodivergent affirming care for her clients and has a passion for somatic and system based therapeutic modalities. She considers it an honor to walk with clients as they learn and grow, and is excited to be on the healing journey together.