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    Intensive Therapy

    Recognizing that some families face urgent challenges or wish to see rapid progress, we’ve crafted a concentrated therapy offering that delivers substantial support over a short period. This innovative approach is offered by Brooke Garren, LCSW includes 15 hours of dedicated therapy, often completed in the clients home, is tailored to meet the unique needs of each family, especially those in crisis or seeking immediate improvement in their dynamics. 

    Immediate Support in Crisis

    For families facing acute challenges or distress, waiting is not an option. Our intensive format provides swift, targeted intervention to stabilize and support your family through crisis.

    Accelerated Progress

    If you’re eager to see significant changes without the prolonged timeline of standard therapy sessions, our intensives offer a condensed schedule designed to achieve quicker results.

    In-Home Convenience

    By conducting sessions in your home, our therapists can directly observe and address the specific environmental factors and routines contributing to dysregulation and distress, allowing for more tailored and effective interventions.

    Comprehensive Assessment and Follow-Up

    Starting with a thorough one-hour intake to understand your family’s needs, followed by 12 hours of in-depth, in-home therapy, and concluding with two one-hour follow-up sessions, our program ensures a comprehensive approach to fostering lasting change.

    Why Choose Intensive Therapy Experiences?

    Our Intensive Therapy Experiences are an ideal solution for families looking for an alternative to traditional therapy approaches.

    Our Program Structure

    1. Consultation (30 minutes): This in depth consultation will assess the families fit for this therapeutic approach.
    2. Initial Intake (1 hour): A deep dive into your family’s needs, challenges, and goals to tailor the intensive experience effectively.
    3. In-Home Therapy Sessions (12 hours): Spread over one week, these sessions allow our therapists to work within your family’s natural environment, identifying and addressing issues at their root. This immersive approach offers insights into daily interactions, communication patterns, and potential triggers that might not be as evident in an office setting.
    4. Follow-Up Sessions (2 hours): After the intensive in-home therapy, these sessions help consolidate gains, address any emerging issues, and ensure the sustainability of positive changes.

    Therapy Intensives

    Benefits of In-Home Intensives:

    • Tailored Interventions: In-home sessions allow therapists to provide personalized strategies that fit your family’s specific circumstances, enhancing the effectiveness of interventions.
    • Real-Time Observations: Therapists can observe real-life dynamics, interactions, and challenges, offering immediate feedback and adjustments.
    • Focus on Environment: Identifying environmental factors that contribute to family distress enables targeted changes to create a more supportive home atmosphere.
    • Privacy and Comfort: Families often feel more at ease discussing sensitive issues in the privacy of their own homes, leading to more open and productive therapy sessions.