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    ADHD, formally ADHD and ADD, is now diagnosed as ADHD hyperactivity, ADHD inattentive type, or ADHD combined type. This disorder can present itself through the common attributes of high energy, spontaneousness, hyperfocus, and distractibility. 

    But it can also look:

    -Difficulty with details / big picture thinking 

    – Procrastination/needing pressure to complete tasks

    – Perfectionism – wanting things to be done just right 

    – Trouble starting or finishing projects 

    – Difficulty with multi-step instructions 

    – Daydreaming

    – Restlessness

    – Agitation 

    – Difficulty understanding prioritization / being unsure what is the right first step

    – Avoidance of non-preferred activities 

    – Difficulty planning 

    – Unconventional organizational skills 

    The narrow and damaging stereotype of ADHD as “the child who can’t sit still, who never seems to listen and doesn’t follow instruction” does not grasp the complexity of the disorder and how this impacts every facet of the person’s life, not only in childhood but into adulthood. 

    ADHD can cause multiple problems in a person’s life when they are unaware of the reasons for their behaviors. Gaining an understanding of how your brain works, why executive dysfunction exists, and how to harness your strengths.

    Let’s get thriving!