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    Are you feeling burnt out? Confused? Misunderstood?

    We understand the struggles that a parent with an autistic or otherwise neurodivergent child goes through on a daily basis, from other parents and family members questioning,” Why don’t you just discipline your child more to stop their behaviors?” to feeling left out of milestone celebrations or friends not understanding the excitement that comes from your child initiating a hug for the first time at age 6. 

    Uniquely You Behavioral Health staff are here to let you know you are not alone. We provide a judgment-free therapeutic space for families. We understand the joy in seeing your 8-year-old voluntarily interact with their newborn sister and attempt to share a Goldfish cracker with her. We know the heartbreak of another call from school to pick up your daughter early due to a meltdown. We know that being a parent is hard, let alone the parent of a child with a difference. 

    Wondering if therapy is right for you? Wondering if you should take the time out of your already busy schedule to talk to someone? We want you to know caring for your mental health is just as important as caring for your child