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  • Uniquely You Behavioral Health exists to provide a space where individuals with autism and other neurodivergence and their families feel welcome and accepted. Therapeutic, medical, and even school settings may focus on “changing” the person to be “normal” and fit within “social norms.” Uniquely You understands that neurodivergence affects the way people interact with the world and are a part of them that is not to be changed or diminished. We aim to empower individuals and families to be who they are and to educate the community about the neurodivergent experience. Through various modalities, Uniquely You partners with individuals to develop strategies and work toward self-acceptance, increase life satisfaction and live their most authentic life. 

    Our Values

    + Authenticity – Living in a way that aligns with your desires, motives, or ideals. This looks like stimming in sessions, alternative seating, no ‘masking,’ processing time, and sensory needs being met. 

    +Wonder – Is approaching all situations and individuals as a new experience and being curious about their needs of them without judgment 

    + Affirming Care – Promoting the well-being and happiness of NDs and valuing the different ways of being and socializing. We do not try to make someone “less disabled” or “more neurotypical.”

    + Accessibility – proactively removing barriers and creating opportunities for full participation regardless of circumstance. 

    We're here for you.

    Our focus is on individuals and the families of people with neurodevelopmental disorders, including but not limited to ADHD, ASD, ODD, Conduct Disorder, OCD, and trauma-related disorders. We address school and work issues and difficulties that arise within marriages due to these diagnoses within the family unit (their children diagnosed or navigating these issues within the couple). Our staff is well versed in co-occurring disorders such as sensory integration, anxiety disorders, and depressive disorders.


    Treatment modalities: DIR/Floortime, play therapy, internal family systems, CBT, focus on executive functioning.

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