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    Occupational Therapy

    Our occupational therapist is now accepting clients!

    OT will focus on individual needs and utilize the DIR/Floortime framework throughout all sessions. 

    Our Occupational Therapist will assist the individual in developing the skills needed for daily living, as well as improve their ability to engage in activities that are meaningful to them. This can include both self-care skills (such as dressing, grooming, sensory intergration and feeding) and activities that promote socialization, communication, and play.

    Some of the specific ways that occupational therapists may work with children include:

    Assessing the child’s abilities and needs in order to identify appropriate treatment goals

    Developing a treatment plan that is tailored to the child’s unique needs and abilities

    Using a variety of techniques and tools to help the child develop their fine and gross motor skills, such as strength, coordination, and dexterity

    Helping the child learn self-care skills, such as dressing, grooming, and feeding

    Teaching the child how to use adaptive equipment and assistive technology to help them perform daily tasks

    Working with the child to develop social skills and improve their ability to engage in social interactions

    Using play-based interventions to help the child develop communication skills and improve their ability to engage in activities that are meaningful to them

    Collaborating with other healthcare professionals, such as speech therapists and behavioral therapists, to coordinate the child’s care

    Keeping detailed records of the child’s progress and modifying the treatment plan as needed

    Our Occupational therapists work closely with the child’s family and caregivers, providing education and support to help them understand the child’s needs and how to support their development best using the developmental capacities framework. Our OTs, SLPs and Mental Health therapists will work in a collaborative approach to provide integrated care to the child.