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  • Atlas, The Therapy Doodle

    The Personal:

    If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Bread! I love bread! It’s the one thing I will break the rules for.

    What is your favorite toy?

    My stuffed alligator. I like to carry it around with me and throw it in air!

    What is your favorite activity?

    I love it when my humans take me on long off leash walks on the weekends. I get to sniff all the smells and adventure off into the field.

    The Professional:

    Before coming to work at Uniquely You Behavioral Health, I completed 16 weeks of puppy school. Here is learned how to do many things like sit, lay down and be a calm boy when I need to be. I met many human friends at a therapeutic day school for autistic children and even helped a kiddo say their first word! He called me “fluffy”, he’s not wrong! I certainly am. Since coming to work at Uniquely You I have really grown up and learned how stay calm in sessions, and my trainer has worked with all the therapists at the practice to understand how to best utilize me and my therapy dog skills.

    I always like to let people know I never have to come to your session if you don’t think we would be a good fit but I sure would love to be there if you want me!