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  • Dorrian Stephens COTA/L

    The Personal:

    Favorite Drink?

    Slushie….any flavor, any color!

    What’s your favorite restaurant?

    My favorite restaurant is Wildfire. I like to order the twice baked potato!

    If you had to eat one food for the rest ofyour life, what would it be?


    What is your favorite thing about your brain?

    I am super creative and good at improvising!

    How do you like to relax and unwind after your workday?

    I love listening to music on my record player! I also love reading books: sci-fi or mystery!

    What do your weekends look like?

    My weekends often include going to concerts or digging through bins in my favorite record shops! After the fun, I like to recharge by cleaning my home and preparing for my week at work.

    Why Therapy?

    Occupational Therapy is such a gratifying job! You can help others to be more involved in their communities and families by giving them practical tools to incorporate everyday.

    The Professional:

    Dorrian is a licensed certified occupational therapy assistant who is dedicated to treating ND individuals across the lifespan. Dorrian’s approach to treatment is client-centered and includes helping Neurodivergent individuals and families navigate the sensory, social, and emotional aspects of daily life! OT takes into account trauma, sensory processing, and mental health & wellness to promote engagement in all areas of life.

    Dorrian is a patient, affirming, and flexible therapist who listens closely to the needs of her clients and adjusts treatment sessions according to their short and long term needs/goals. She believes that although the world was not created with neurodivergence in mind, it is up to the clients and their support systems to create a dynamic that is supportive, accountable, and open to changing up the typical routine to help their loved ones become the best version of themselves.

    Dorrian is an alumni of Fox College in Tinley Park, IL and received her A.A.S in Occupational Therapy earlier this year. In addition to these credentials, she is actively pursuing various certifications related to Sensory Integration, DIR Floortime Model, Trauma Informed Care, Handwriting without Tears, and Astronaut Training!